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Zada Project Services provides professional advice to organizations in the areas of Oil & Gas (Upstream, Downstream and LNG), Energy (Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution) and Infrastructure.

The company core activitiesare:

The Company has successfully assisted Clients of different nature; i.e. Contractors, Operators and Investors.

The following knowledge basis are used and referenced in the execution of the work:

The Company experience spans through projects at different stages (Basis of Design, FEED and Execute) supporting:

Zada Project Services assists Clients who require a Project Assessment through the following tasks:

According to Clients requirements the Company can perform Project Audits:

Planning is one of the Core Strength of Zada Project Services. The Company can assist Clients’ Planning efforts through:

Zada Project Services provides tracking of the ongoing costs of a project and forecast the total expenditure at the end of such project by:

Zada Holdings provides Estimating services in both Greenfield and Brownfield projects though its professional team of Estimators.

The team ensures that the Estimate provided represents real implementation/construction cost. Zada provides fully costed estimates with a level of definition analogue to the level of definition of the Project; i.e. Order Of Magnitude and Classes 1 to 4 as defined in the AACE standards.
The Estimate package is complete and comprehensive with a detailed list of labour, plants, materials, take-offs/bill of quantities to develop a proper baseline and track the projects.

Zada Project Services assists Clients in the Area of Risk Management through the following key activities:

Zada Project Services has the knowledge and ability to perform Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis.

At high level the process followed goes through:

Community Activities

Zada Holdings has been involved with Visibility and Vision Australia in several community projects.

Recently Zada sponsored the Mannequins Mosaic Project by the Mosaic group of Visibility. Such project involved two mannequins cover in beautiful mosaic pieces done by the clients and volunteers in Visibility.

Zada has also designed and 3D printed tactile aid tools for Vision Australia. The purpose was to assist its vision impaired clients with learning task. Particular focus was given to assist visually impaired users to operate smart phones and assist kids to learn the Braille system.
Such aids have been donated to Vision Australia.


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